Monday, 28 April 2014

Fuel your day with a gluten free 9bar!

Okay, I always try to have a sensible breakfast with the kids but it doesn't always work out that way, sometime you just need to eat on the run! Living with Coeliac disease means that you have to be totally organised - it's not always easy to grab a gluten free snack on the go - which is why I am a convert to these new breakfast bars from 9bar...

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection to try out and I have to say, they now come top of my list for delicious tasting healthy snacks! There are four yummy flavours;
Almond & Raspberry
Cashew & Cocoa
Apricot & Strawberry
Peanut & Raisin (simply divine!)
One thing which really surprised me (apart from how nice they taste!) was how they really filled me up for hours after eating one - perfect for a busy day in the office when lunch can be a distant memory. The bars are packed with seeds, gluten free oats, puffed brown rice and soya crispies and are bursting with flavour. At under 235 calories per bar, you can afford to indulge and I for one will always keep a selection of them in the cupboards!
The new 9bar Breakfast range will be in independent health food stores nationwide from May and online at RRP 90p per bar. Visit for more information.
Thank you for looking and enjoy!
Jill x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets using Udi’s Ancient Grain Crisps!

I am so happy that the gluten free offering now available to coeliacs in the UK is expanding at such an impressive rate. When my brother was diagnosed over 5 years ago, there seemed to be a fairly limited selection of pre-packaged gluten free foods on the shelves – and to be honest, some of it was pretty ropey. But luckily for Evie (my coeliac 6 year old daughter) and I, things have changed in the past few years! Not only are supermarkets manufacturing their own really good GF products, but there are now some fabulous new brands jumping on board with some exciting, innovative bakes, cereals and snacks.
Take Udi’s Gluten Free for example, which is set to revolutionise the lives of the growing UK gluten-free community with 19 new products from its award-winning US range recently hitting the shelves in Tesco! Bringing its 20 years of baking expertise and innovative recipes to the UK, Udi’s aims to show shoppers how they can enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle without compromise.  The full range includes freshly baked gluten-free bagels in three delicious flavours, soft brown and white sandwich bread, classic white rolls and finger rolls, tasty muffins, toaster pastries, granola, fruity breakfast bars and mince pies as well as a number of UK firsts including some extremely tasty Ancient Grain crisps which are full of quinoa, flax, sesame, millet and black seed. The Jalapeno Crisps are quite simply HEAVEN (and go very well with a glass of full bodied red!).
The Aged Cheddar Ancient Grain crisps are also perfect for creating the speediest chicken nuggets ever! Simply dip strips of chicken breast into beaten egg then coat in the crunched up crisps and bake for about 30 minutes at 180oC until golden brown, turning after 15 minutes. I used about half a packet of crisps, 1 egg and 2 chicken breasts to make 18 substantial nuggets – enough to feed a hungry bunch of girls!
Served hot, they got the thumbs up – we also ate them cold as part of our picnic
when we were out and about – still good!


Simon Hazlett, managing director of Udi’s, said
“Those who enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle no longer need to miss out on or compromise on the foods they love, as we are offering the widest choice catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
THAT is what we want to hear!

Here’s looking forward to our next day out with plenty of Udi’s gluten free energy snacks at the ready!
Thank you for stopping by!
Jill x
To find out more about Udi's, click here